Being one of the most popular fuel sources in Europe, briquettes have a lower ash and sulfur content, and produce a substantially higher energy content than traditional fossil fuels.

Main advantages include:

  • In dry conditions, briquettes take up 3 or even 4 times less space of storage;
  • Guaranteed constant and regular burning;
  • Minimum level of ash;
  • Calorific value is 4 times higher that the traditional firewood;
  • The handling is clean and dustless;
  • Briquettes do not produce sparks and crackles.

How can I use briquettes?

The same way as any traditional firewood, you can use briquettes in all types of burners: stove, chimney, inserts, open fireplace, boilers, wood ovens. Briquettes can be used in addition or completely replace the traditional firewood.

Are briquettes environmentally friendly?

Definitely. Using no extra additives and extreme pressure to form a block or log shape, briquettes are made solely from wood by-products such as wood chip, sawdust, or wood flour. During the burning process, briquette C02 emission is 5 to 10 times less than any other solid fuel, such as oil or gas.