Produced from soft wood chips and saw dust, wood pellets are eco-friendly, economical and simply convenient biofuels, perfect for private surface heating or industrial energy production.

Main advantages include:

  • Eco-friendly – wood pellets do not contribute to the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere;
  • Produced from renewable materials such as wood chips and saw dust, so it never goes out of stock;
  • Cost-effective – if compared to fossil fuel or gas, pellets can save you about half of your fuel expenses;
  • High caloric value – with low levels of moisture, all of their mass converts into heat;
  • Low dust and ash content;

Domopellets, Power pellets and Premium wood pellets we offer are stable in their exceptional quality, permanently available and sold for a reasonable price.

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Being one of the most popular fuel sources in Europe, briquettes have a lower ash and sulfur content, and produce a substantially higher energy content than traditional fossil fuels.

Main advantages include:

  • In dry conditions, briquettes take up 3 or even 4 times less space of storage;
  • Guaranteed constant and regular burning;
  • Minimum level of ash;
  • Calorific value is 4 times higher that the traditional firewood;
  • The handling is clean and dustless;
  • Briquettes do not produce sparks and crackles.

How can I use briquettes?

The same way as any traditional firewood, you can use briquettes in all types of burners: stove, chimney, inserts, open fireplace, boilers, wood ovens. Briquettes can be used in addition or completely replace the traditional firewood.

Are briquettes environmentally friendly?

Definitely. Using no extra additives and extreme pressure to form a block or log shape, briquettes are made solely from wood by-products such as wood chip, sawdust, or wood flour. During the burning process, briquette C02 emission is 5 to 10 times less than any other solid fuel, such as oil or gas.


One of the oldest types of fuel known to men, firewood helps you start fire anywhere and anytime you might need it.

What types of firewood do we offer?

We offer two main types of firewood: hard firewood, such as oak, ash, hornbeam, and soft firewood logs, such as alder or pine.

  • Oak – good if seasoned for 2 years or more, burns very slowly with a small flame;
  • Ash – probably the finest burning log you will ever get your hands on, even burns when wet;
  • Hornbeam – also known as ironwood, incredibly dense, excellent for firewood;
  • Alder – quite dense with a distinctive orangey flesh. Once dry, it can actually be quite light in weight and, therefore, will burn quite quickly;
  • Pine – must be well seasoned (dry), burns with a good flame, yet you might have to sweep your chimney more often.

Less moisture – more heat!

The drier the firewood, the less logs you will need to obtain clean and efficient burn with a maximum heat output. We offer both – kiln dried and natural moisture firewood.

What are the benefits of kiln dried firewood?

  • Kiln dried firewood is free of insects and mould;
  • Remains dry, always;
  • Will produce more calories;
  • Guaranteed to burn efficiently.

When can our firewood be used?

Our firewood logs can be used right away! Hardwood provides longer burning fire, the greatest total heating value per unit of volume and produces coal bed. Soft firewood burns faster and, once burned, does not produce a long-lasting coal bed.

Firewood can be split in 30/45/50cm logs. The boxes are of 2m3 for an intelligent choice or 1m3 for a practical one. Our firewood boxes are very easy to handle and really convenient for storage.