Green line Pellet

Premium Wood Pellets quality standard – DIN Plus.

Our brand new product – certified Premium Wood Pellets – are made from raw materials, such as wood chips, saw dust and soft round wood. With calorific value of 4.9 keeping them amongst the top quality products, Premium Wood Pellets are especially appreciated by the wholesalers of small regional markets.

We assure you that using our Premium Wood Pellets, all stoves with any type of software technology will achieve peak heat performance.

Premium Wood Pellets are available in bags of 15 kg or 1000 kg.

Product specification

Energy potential approx. 5 MW/ per ton
Ash residue less than 0,7%
Diameter 6 mm
Weight more than 680 kg /m3
Sulphur contained less than 0,04%
Fines less than 0,3%