Power Pellets Plus

Power Pellets Plus quality standards – DIN Plus and EN 14961-2

It is a high quality wood fuel product, manufactured from raw soft wood materials found in FSC forests. The high potential calorific value and low content of ash allows Power Pellets Plus to be amongst the most popular wood pellets in the European market.

Power Pellets Plus guarantees an efficient and economical combustion in all stoves, inserts and boilers.

Power Pellet Plus diameter is 6 mm, they come packed in 15 kg bags with three different options: 65, 66 or 72 bags on a pallet.

Product specification

Energy potential approx. 4,8 MW/ per ton
Ash residue less than 0,5%
Diameter 6 mm
Weight more than 680 kg /m3
Sulphur contained less than 0,03%
Fines less than 0,3%